Light Blue Twill


A classic blue that is versatile for any occasion, this 100% twill shirt features a seamless fitted style as well as a convertible cuff. A piece that you’d look sharp in for any occasion.

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Since 2004 we have been crafting our shirts using traditional English shirt-making techniques.

Our shirts are made with exclusive fabrics from some of Europe’s finest weaving mills.

The Exclusivity
Less than 120 pieces of each shirt are ever produced and never repeated.

The Process
Each shirt undergoes 47 processes to bring together 33 separate shirt components.

The Collar
Our collars and cuffs are non-fused and crafted with 12 components.

The Cuff
Signature double cuff shirts, featuring contrast cuffs and convertible button cuffs.

The Button Hole
We use Purl button holes – each is perfectly finished with 157 stitches and are lock-stitched.

All these features make for a luxurious and durable garment we’re proud to call a Novesa London shirt.

Additional information

women's size

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Sleeve Length



Double Cuff


100% Cotton





Care Instructions

Dry Clean, machine or hand wash. Hang to dry. Do not tumble dry.


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